Industry Beans Coffee

 We are proud to offer Industry Beans coffee at Penny Farthing Espresso.

Fitzroy St Blend 

The Fitzroy Street Blend is the foundation of the Industry Beans coffee offering, with an emphasis on nutty, darker, intense characteristics. Full body from the natural & semi-washed coffees results in a pleasing mouthfeel, while the brightness from the washed coffees ensures the profile is not masked by the milk.  Enjoyed without milk, this coffee is reminiscent of high quality dark chocolate, with subtle fruit complexity.

Limited Release Single Origin Coffees

Industry Beans features coffee from a variety of growing regions around the world to highlight the influence of growing conditions, plant species & processing methods on the final product.   The term single origin defines the coffee as having been produced in one particular country, region or estate.  Please refer to the blackboard for the current offerings.

Cold Drip

Brewed with cold water over many hours, the resulting liquid is almost liqueur-like, with very low acidity, pronounced sweetness & intense characteristics.  Served chilled with a side of ice.


Our filter coffee offering allows us to use lighter roasted coffee, capturing the natural characteristics & complexities of coffee in a way unlike espresso.  Brewed using a porcelain dripper, the resulting brew is almost tea-like & is gentler & clearer than espresso.  We encourage trying these brews without milk to experience the subtleties of the coffee.

 Drop into Penny Farthing Espresso regularly for a changing selection of single origin coffees, to be enjoyed in house or available to take home.

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