Industry Leaves Tea

IMG_0807As with coffee, Penny Farthing Espresso also seeks to deliver the finest tea possible…


The tea arm of Industry Beans delivers, as it does with coffee, a full range of fresh, quality teas sourced from around the world.  Offering tea from both traditional & new world growing regions, Industry Leaves showcases a diverse range of growing & processing methods with a focus on brewing a consistent product that caters equally to the educated & everyday tea drinker.

Our camelia sinensis offerings cover a broad spectrum of weight & flavour profiles based on origin specifics as well as farming techniques & the degree of oxidation.

 We use an Australian Daintree tea to create a full flavoured, spicy chai which is then steeped with a small amount of water followed with hot milk.  This creates a warm & enjoyable brew that balances sweet & savoury characteristics.

 As well as traditional tea offerings we are continually working to create a unique range of herbal & fruit infusions with the intention of creating new & interesting compositions to suit a variety of palates.

Our Tea Stock

Black Teas

English Breakfast – High grown Ceylon tea gives this tea its crisp distinctive style and aroma

Earl Grey – A blend of selected teas flavoured with the essence of Bergamot

Chai – Black tea with vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel and ginger infused with or without milk

Darjeeling Premium – A more delicate black tea infused with muscatel flavour

Green Teas

Green Tea – A light astringent tea with a pale green coppery colour

Jasmine China Imperial – A Chinese tea enhanced with the scent of hand picked Jasmine blossoms

Cinnamon Orange – A novel combination of green tea, cinnamon, orange peel and sunflowers

Herbal & Fruit Infusions

Lemongrass & Ginger – Cleansing, fresh

Peppermint Refresh – Peppery, piquant fragrance

Herbal Joy – Balm flowers, peppermint and wild strawberry leaves

Fruit Revelry – an exotic blend of fruits and berries